What is ReCOVER?

ReCOVER is NYC’s first recovery studio. Our goal is to help you recover in the way you need to. We’ve put together different technologies that help you to ReSTORE your body, ReBOOT your mind and ReSHAPE your physique. Recovery is universal – no matter who you are or what you hope to achieve, we have worked to put together a range of modalities that will make a positive influence on your life.

Is ReCOVER only for athletes?

No. ReCOVER was designed to address performance demands and stressors so we help you optimize your performance in whatever you do. While athletic recovery plays an important role with our clientele, we understand that there are performance demands out there that have nothing to do with muscular efficiency. Cognitive performance, stress management, and the hormonal implications to weight loss make up the complete ReCOVER experience. ReCOVER is a place where business professionals, writers, artists, moms, and dads can go to make sure they can return to their lives as the best version of themselves possible.

Should I visit ReCOVER often to see optimal benefits?

Consistency is key to improvement over time. We do have some modalities that offer a “quick fix” to pains and aches. With that in mind, we recommend weekly sessions so you can improve whatever you’re trying to fix as opposed to maintaining a level of comfort.

When can I come in for a facility tour?

Any time during open hours! (M-F, 7am-7pm | Sat, Sun 10am-6pm,). One of our team members will be able to show you around and walk you through everything we offer. See you soon.

Are 1-on-1 consultations available?

Yes they are. After your first session, one of our Team Members can put you on an individual recovery regiment to help you with your personal performance stressors.

Can I come to ReCOVER instead of physical therapy?

Although some of our services are offered at Physical Therapy locations, coming to ReCOVER is not a substitute for Physical Therapy needs. We recommend reaching out to a healthcare profession for any questions regarding medical conditions.

Is ReCOVER only for post-workout recovery?

While recovery is often thought of as a post-workout routine, there are a lot of benefits that can come from utilizing modalities at different times of the day. Especially for our ReBOOT modalities.

What are the ways that I can purchase sessions?

Treatment sessions can be purchased “Per Treatment”, “10-pack” or Membership options.

What should I do If I only have cash?

Save it! Keep it under your mattress!? We do accept credit cards.


Technology and Modalities

What type of technology is available at ReCOVER?

While we value the number of organizations doing interesting and important work around the world, we cannot offer advice and counsel to those outside of our current client portfolios.

Is any of the technology not for beginners?

All systems at ReCOVER have different levels, which allows them to be tailored to your needs for your first session.. and all of the sessions after that!

Will someone be there to help me with each modality?

We’re here to make it easy for you. A ReCOVER team member will assist you in setting up each of your sessions!

Does ReCOVER offer Physical Therapy?

Ryan Chow, DPT, will be handling all Physical Therapy requests! Email ryan@pt for any questions and bookings.

Do I have to be a member to go to ReCOVER?

While there are certain perks that come along with membership (see details here), you do not have to be a member to recover at RēCOVER. Check out our “per treatment” pricing options.



Are there health conditions that limit the use of any equipment?

Be sure to read over the waivers for each modality. Be sure to consult a healthcare professional before using any technology.

I’m expecting a child.. can I still visit ReCOVER?

Congratulations! We’ll recommend different modalities for you to use and make you aware of things to steer clear of.


First Visit

First time at ReCOVER?

Welcome! We recommend coming to your first session 10-15 minutes early so we can give you a full walk-through of the space. Be sure to fill out our waivers online beforehand to save you some time.

Should I eat before my session?

An empty stomach isn’t the way to go, but neither is a full one. We recommend that you eat something light before going through a session.

How long in advance do I have to cancel a session?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If a session is canceled after the 24-hour window, you will be charged 50% off your session fee.

Are there showers/changing rooms/restrooms available?

Yes, yes and yes. We have beverages and towels available as well.

What should I wear?

Dress code: However you’re comfortable. Thanks to our friends at Ourdoor Voices, we have clothes for you to change into if needed! The softness of their shirts and shorts is something we recommend you experience. If you’re using the Infrared Sauna, we provide a robe and sandals!

Other than myself, what should I bring to RēCOVER?

A clear mind and relaxed body.



I can't find ReCover!

ReCOVER is located on 360 7th avenue (between 7th and 8th avenue). If facing south, make a right on 30th street. Past the pizza shop, passed the clothing store, in the door! Use the stairs or elevator and come up to the 4th floor.